Puriri Bay

Sarah and I have been coming to Pururi Bay for around 16 years now and for the last 6 or 7 years while I have been stuck at work it’s the only place we ever came too, guaranteed phone signal, excellent fishing and great camp managers made it just the place to visit. So after a few travels, we have decided to return.


It’s a great DOC camp right on the water inside a safe harbour, and with no road between you and the beach, it’s such a pleasant place to stay. The drive into the camp is about an hour from State Highway 1 along a rather windy hilly road and this time we got stuck behind a couple of tourists driving along at 35km with nowhere to pass, most frustrating. But once you get here, it’s well and truly worth it.

Obviously, when you have been coming to a place for several years, you get to know the other regulars. Even though we usually visit in Feb/March, we have been amazed at how many people we know that are here at the moment. Including a real surprise with Andrew and Colleen the previous camp managers who we got to know really well over the 5 years that they ran the camp.


On the other side of the harbour are these bach’s that have always fascinated me, I have never seen anyone staying at any of these places in the whole time I have been coming here, but they look maintained, and the lawns are mowed so I am sure that they must be occupied at times.

A collection of shots taken during our time here. There is such a selection of wildlife here but seeing the stick insect sitting on the toilet wall was a real surprise. During the walk up the hill next to the camp. We saw the rat trap that had the rat that must have been there for at least a couple of weeks, time for a change I think. The Oystercatchers have been nesting in this area for the last 5 or 6 years. This year they are on a patch of sand in the camping area rather than being on the beach. Much safer from the tide, I am sure.


Yet again, Sarah is determined to make me into a mountain goat. At least my fitness is starting to improve. With an improvement in my knee, I can keep up and in some cases, even take the lead. If you have ever been to Pururi Bay, you will well know the hill that leads down to the campground, and it was great to be able to ride up this even if it was with the assistance of the E-Bike.


Tonight we have a visitor from America spending the night in the van with Sarah’s sister Kerri Anne here on a bit of a holiday. We had marinated lamb for dinner a real treat for a Kiwi visiting from the US.

On the bike ride to the beach on the other side of the peninsula, we came across this house with the vine growing on it that contained the most giant flowers I have seen on anything in ages, they were absolutely massive.

From here we will probably continue to head north before heading home and back to Auckland for the Breakers game Sunday. With them now 8 wins 1 loss they are real championship contenders.
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One thought on “Puriri Bay

  1. Good to read your latest and to see that you have caught up with Kerry-Anne. She would certainly have enjoyed her marinated lamb!

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