20 Days In Solitary

It’s taken me a bit of time to write this and it’s quite a long story. Not because things went wrong but rather processing all that has happened over the last few weeks has taken longer than I thought it would. In my last blog I mentioned that I would be undergoing a stem cell… Read More 20 Days In Solitary

A Small Lump In The Road

I had it all worked out just before Christmas with my mum having passed away in November, our regular return visits home to get her to various hospital appointments would no longer be required. We would be free to get back to the south island and do some serious km’s on some of the cycle… Read More A Small Lump In The Road

It’s the people that make the difference!

If like a lot of people you live in a city it’s also more than likely that you barely know your neighbours. The chances of sitting down with some of them each night for a round of drinks and a discussion about the day are just about non-existent. For those in the motorhome community getting… Read More It’s the people that make the difference!

McKenzie Country

We have been spending time with my cousin Jon at his place just out of Timaru he offered to take us on a guided tour of the back and the McKenzie country so Sunday morning we jumped into his Landrover and off we went. First stop just up the road was the Maori rock art.… Read More McKenzie Country

On our way to Timaru

Leaving the madness that was Mt. Cook we drove towards the Ohau Canal POP (#8107) with the view to spending the night but having missed it on the initial drive past we ended up at the bottom of the gully next to the power station, Asking a couple of people who we found fishing at… Read More On our way to Timaru

2017 A Year Of Change

2017 has been quite a year of change for me after being diagnosed with Follicular Lymphoma and spending the last few months of 2016 going through Chemo I had finished the treatment at the start of this year and was on the road to getting my hair back. It actually was quite cool not to… Read More 2017 A Year Of Change

In Hot Water

It absolutely hosed down with rain on Saturday from around 3pm onwards despite Richard telling me that his phone said there was zero chance of rain till around 5pm, and the rain continued all night till around 6am. I was, in fact, somewhat worried about getting stuck as the grass was very long, but no… Read More In Hot Water

2 out of 3

Memories are a beautiful thing, and I guess we all have some that we want to rekindle and that was certainly the case with my boys who even though they are now in their mid 20’s still wanted to get away with us in the new motorhome. Unfortunately, when you get older, you are sometimes… Read More 2 out of 3