Battery Powered

During the 16 years that we have been motorhome owners we have noticed a large number of campers out there with some form of bicycle mounted on their camper. And whilst we have always thought that this was a good idea with the limited amount of time that we where using the old Mitsi it… Read More Battery Powered

Dethleffs Dancing and Dinner

Sarah and I have never really been the joining sort but when I retired I was determined to become more involved in things and participate more, so when Jonas and the team from Acacia Motorhomes extended the invitation to attend the annual Dethleffs owners gathering I accepted. Although it was labour weekend, and who want’s… Read More Dethleffs Dancing and Dinner

Home for the Breakers

  As hard as it was to leave Northland and the beautiful beaches, Sarah was concerned about what was happening in her garden and wanted to check most of all on the sugar snap peas and the dwarf broad beans (yeah right) that are now more than 2 metres tall, both of which are cropping… Read More Home for the Breakers

Freedom Camping in Paradise

It’s funny we have owned the old campervan for 15 years prior to purchasing the new one and we had never been freedom camping and here we are spending our 4th day unrestricted in only 8 days of owning the van. The camp site at Whananaki South is not in the travel directory and it’s… Read More Freedom Camping in Paradise

Paradise Found

We found this guy standing guard on the beach at Woolley’s Bay during our evening walk and I must say I was tempted to consider crab for dinner but he would have not been big enough for the two of us. Day two at Woolley’s Bay we decided to walk to Matapouri Bay along the… Read More Paradise Found

Wild Woolley and Lost

So after 2 days at Treasure island and supplies running low we ventured into Whangarei to stock up on essentials, making the first stop at the Warehouse I should have taken a photo of the van parked across 4 car parks, just as well the car park was fairly empty. It is something I am… Read More Wild Woolley and Lost

On the road to nowhere

Sunday morning we had decided to leave Manganese Point and continue on to other places in and around Whangarei, we had however not taken notice of the warning signs at the entry to the camp site warning large vehicles and also front wheel drive vehicles about road conditions and after a rain storm Saturday night… Read More On the road to nowhere

Campervan Collected

So after a little delay we finally got to collect the campervan Thursday 06/10/2017, there always seemed to be another thing we wanted to add to the van, but finally plans settled and we were on our way. Thanks Jonas @ Acacia Motorhomes for your patience with us but the Dethleffs XLi is just fantastic,… Read More Campervan Collected