Swimming in Coca Cola!

When Sarah and I where at Pururi Bay talking with John and Gaylene about their favourite spots they insisted that we must visit Ramp Road on the Karikari Peninsula in the far north.  When we stayed at Willowbrook and caught up with Paul and Vana they had been there and also said that we should… Read More Swimming in Coca Cola!

The Far North

  We where enjoying it so much in Kerikeri that we decided to spend another day  and night starting with a ride into town to visit the New World for a few supplies. Starting on a downhill to the Stone Store and feeling fit we decided that we would ride up to the roundabout at… Read More The Far North

There and back again

After returning home from Pururi Bay to watch the Breakers win their 9th game in a row we had a very enjoyable meal with my mother and Sarah’s sister Kerry Anne, smoked fish pie no prizes for guessing where the fish game from. Some months ago I arranged with my friends Mike and Denis to… Read More There and back again

494 Stairs to …………..

One of my friends posted about this photo that it was a nice photo of a creature and a good looking fish, I had to laugh when I realised just how wild I looked but it was a good snapper at 54cm and caught whilst I was on the phone to my son James with… Read More 494 Stairs to …………..

Tickets Please

As you might be able to tell from the photo the camper van has not moved, and we are still in Pururi Bay, it’s just so beautiful here it’s hard to leave. Anyway, I thought I would mention Jonas Ng and Acacia Motorhomes and let Jonas know that we should have been charging admission for… Read More Tickets Please

Puriri Bay

Sarah and I have been coming to Pururi Bay for around 16 years now and for the last 6 or 7 years while I have been stuck at work it’s the only place we ever came too, guaranteed phone signal, excellent fishing and great camp managers made it just the place to visit. So after… Read More Puriri Bay

The Hauraki Rail Trail

Leaving Oputere in the morning we headed for Whangamata for a quick stop and a few supplies at the local New World, Sarah’s brother used to have a place just behind the store, so I took these photo’s to send him as a reminder. I have driven through Waihi so many times and seen the… Read More The Hauraki Rail Trail

In Hot Water

It absolutely hosed down with rain on Saturday from around 3pm onwards despite Richard telling me that his phone said there was zero chance of rain till around 5pm, and the rain continued all night till around 6am. I was, in fact, somewhat worried about getting stuck as the grass was very long, but no… Read More In Hot Water

2 out of 3

Memories are a beautiful thing, and I guess we all have some that we want to rekindle and that was certainly the case with my boys who even though they are now in their mid 20’s still wanted to get away with us in the new motorhome. Unfortunately, when you get older, you are sometimes… Read More 2 out of 3