Where is everyone? – Herbertville

When I decided to retire in 2017 I did a lot of reading of other blogs to plan our future travels. Mainly those written by Shellie Evans and Chris Miller both of whom take great photos as well as writing in a style that appeals to me. It was a post made by Shellie that… Read More Where is everyone? – Herbertville

Freedom Camping At The Three Sisters

Packing up from the Mangakawa Scenic Reserve, Sarah was pleased to be moving on. Even though it was a very pretty place it wasn’t the best night. You can read what happened on this blog.  With the next stop to be the freedom camping area at Tongaporutu Bridge but first there were some stops to… Read More Freedom Camping At The Three Sisters

Heading East Via Opotiki

Leaving ANZAC bay was going to be hard after two wonderful days exploring the area and it was only late on the last day that we heard about the caves located at the bottom of the cliffs below the Pa. With this in mind we decided that we would explore these before we left the… Read More Heading East Via Opotiki

Farewell Spit

Before we left Port Tarakohe we had checked out the departure times for the Farewell Spit tour as it’s tide dependent we wanted to ensure that we could depart at a reasonable hour. With the weather forecast for Friday not good  (they ended up cancelling it) and us having plans for Saturday, Thursday was the… Read More Farewell Spit

Awesome Oamaru

  Leaving cousins Jon’s place Monday morning we continued south towards Oamaru with a short stop back in Waimate to get a few supplies as well as filling the water and getting rid of the other stuff. As we drove towards the dump station there we again came across Renee and Geoff who had spent… Read More Awesome Oamaru

A bit of wind

After arriving at Fernbrea Farms (#6006) on Tuesday the strong winds that had plagued us during the day died away during the night. Wednesday morning at sunrise I jumped the fence to walk the beach of course I had left my camera behind. Not two metres from the tide line was a medium sized Stingray… Read More A bit of wind

Top of the South

Although we had enjoyed our time in Nelson neither of us are really people of the town or city and enjoy much more being at a nice quiet beach so with this in mind we decided to move on from Nelson and head over the Takaka Hill towards Farewell Spit. Thinking that we would probably… Read More Top of the South