A Dethleffs Get Together

Although it’s a fast growing and relatively new brand Dethleffs still has a family feel about it with fellow campers often parking next too, or close to each other when at a campground often sharing stories or experiences with their vans. So when we arrived in Lumsden on our South Island tour and saw the… Read More A Dethleffs Get Together

French Pass Part Two

Heading back down the hill after the morning walk (prefer previous blog) back towards the camp we managed to sneak this view of the motorhome sitting there in it’s prime beachfront spot. I must say that some of the camps we have stayed at have had fairly boring outlooks so to have a view like… Read More French Pass Part Two

7 Days in Pururi Bay

How boring you might think to keep going back to the same spot. The reason you own your campervan is so that you can go exploring and in most cases you would be right. But this time we wanted to have a holiday before the mad rush we didn’t want to be driving from place… Read More 7 Days in Pururi Bay

494 Stairs to …………..

One of my friends posted about this photo that it was a nice photo of a creature and a good looking fish, I had to laugh when I realised just how wild I looked but it was a good snapper at 54cm and caught whilst I was on the phone to my son James with… Read More 494 Stairs to …………..

Puriri Bay

Sarah and I have been coming to Pururi Bay for around 16 years now and for the last 6 or 7 years whilst I have been stuck at work it’s the only place we ever came too, guaranteed phone signal, good fishing and great camp managers made it just the place to visit. So after… Read More Puriri Bay