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As you might be able to tell from the photo the camper van has not moved, and we are still in Pururi Bay, it’s just so beautiful here it’s hard to leave. Anyway, I thought I would mention Jonas Ng and Acacia Motorhomes and let Jonas know that we should have been charging admission for viewings of the Dethleffs Globetrotter XLi. We have had so many people through the camper all have loved it. Especially the large garage and the bed above the seats in the front.

I am looking forward to spending my commissions with the orders we will generate, just joking but everyone loves it and are very impressed.

The sunsets here are just spectacular, and lots of the campers were out last night taking photos as the sun went down. It’s hard to see in the picture above with the van, but there was a partial rainbow in the sky as well as the red clouds. I probably missed the best shot by a couple of minutes but really pretty.

Sarah’s sister Kerryanne decided to stay another night she was enjoying it so much, and we managed to get her out fishing and guess who caught the only fish a 41cm snapper. Regretfully with three of us for dinner and as we only caught the one we did not have fish last night, but Sarah and I will eat it tonight. It was really lovely on the water very still, and if the wind went away, it would have been just a dream. At 20 plus degrees, it was also time for sunscreen on those winter white bodies. What colour is pink?

The birdlife here is very friendly with Quails everywhere and a lonely duck that gets close enough for us to consider duck for dinner it would be so easy to catch, it does a great job of cleaning up the crumbs under your seat. Last night or maybe this morning I am not sure as I was in such a deep sleep we woke to the screeching of a Kiwi this is a real treat, and the second time we have been woken at this camp by them, It really is a loud call and one that you will not forget if you hear it.

On yesterdays bike ride over to Bland Bay (what a stupid name as it’s anything but bland), we stopped at the top of the hill to take these photos of the bay. I wanted to check out the park over the property at the entrance to the bay (not shown), and a short ride down a metal road brings you to the house where they have three designated camping spots close to the water pleasant enough. Still, I think I would rather stay at the campground in Bland Bay or at the DOC camp in Pururi Bay.

Mostly I wanted to do this post to show the photos of last nights sunset and to mention that it’s so peaceful here we have decided to extend our stay.
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One thought on “Tickets Please

  1. Wonderful photo, John, and great to hear a kiwi. I remember hearing one when we stayed at a camp on the way to Dargaville – can’t remember it’s name now, but we did an evening walk through the woods and I saw a large blue kauri snail, but alas, no Kiwi …

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