A Slight Misadventure.

Back in late 2021 while we were away exploring the country we noticed that the bathroom window wasn’t sitting “flush” in it’s frame. It appeared to us that it was coming out of the hinge that holds it into place. After a little bit of difficulty we managed to get it shut and sealed, leaving it shut until repairs could be undertaken. Then in early December 2021 the motorhome was due for the annual water tightness inspection. There wasn’t time for them to look at the window but with the motorhome failing the water tightness test it would need to return for repairs.

With Christmas and the holidays getting in the way a time frame of around three months was suggested before the motorhome could again be looked at. Given that we are in summer and it doesn’t rain a lot this wasn’t a problem. Come April with no word from the service agents and a bit of follow up on my behalf we made time in early May for both repairs. It turned out that the moisture they found in the roof could no longer be found. So they resealed the mountings you can see in the photo. Not completely convinced that they had rectified it and only five months of warranty left, I asked for and received an additional two years warranty on the water tightness.

Maybe not the neatest job in the world

As for the window this apparently took only five minutes to fix, by pushing it back into the frame. And there would be no charge for this. With the window sitting flush back in the frame we took them at their word and drove the motorhome back to where we store it. Upon arrival there, Sarah opened the window to have a closer look at what they had done. It is just as well the window is secured by a stay as it promptly fell completely out of the hinge. Not the most impressive repair job then☹️. With rain starting we covered the hole in the side of the van with a plastic bag and plenty of tape while we got things sorted. When we got the window home we noticed that there was almost no glue in the hinge so maybe the initial build wasn’t properly done.

We certainly didn’t want to drive the motorhome an hours drive back to South Auckland to have them try again so we decided to fix it another way. I have known Peter at RV Repairs in Albany for a few years and we knew from research Sarah had done online that the window should be able to be glued back into the hinge. Rather than having to buy a new one. So I dropped the window and the hinge into his workshop to be reglued so we could then remount it.

A short time later I got the call to say it was finished and to come pick it up. With the hinge separated from the window there was, I guess, a 50/50 chance of putting it on the wrong way around. And, wouldn’t you know it Murphy’s law strikes again.

So we recovered the window hole with the plastic bag and I took the window back to Peter. Thankfully the glue on the hinge hadn’t completely set and he was able to pries it away from the window and reglue it the correct way around.

Another trip back to the motorhome for the second attempt at re-installation. I would love to say that this was easy but there was one final hurdle. The hinge is designed with a small lip that fits inside the window frame. When Peter had tapped the hinge back into place it had partially closed this lip preventing it from going back into place. When Sarah finally figured out what the problem was, it was quickly solved and the window re-installed.

I would very much like to thank Peter and his partner Jan at RV Repairs in Albany for their help in getting this sorted. They are and were very busy but made the time to help me out and we are really grateful for this. We couldn’t have done this repair ourselves as we didn’t have the correct glue or a rubber mallet to knock the hinge back into place. Knowing me if I tried I would have split the window into its two parts 🤣😒.

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4 thoughts on “A Slight Misadventure.

  1. Great to hear from you after a break even if it was about Murphy. He’s a busy wee fella around motor homes. Makes us realise we are not alone. Thanks for the story.

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