There and back again

After returning home from Pururi Bay to watch the Breakers win their 9th game in a row we had a very enjoyable meal with my mother and Sarah’s sister Kerry Anne, smoked fish pie no prizes for guessing where the fish game from.

Some months ago I arranged with my friends Mike and Denis to watch the Tall Blacks play Korea in Wellington.  Mike and I flew down Thursday to meet Denis and his wife down there. Denis had arranged great seats right next to the court on the halfway line unfortunately the quality of the Tall Blacks play did not quite match the quality of the seats and they went down 80 to 86. Korea where well drilled and made the shots when they counted they deserved to win.

After flying back to Auckland Friday it was a night at home before again heading north in the camper. This time the first stop was the NZMCA camp at Rainbow Falls in Kerikeri with a most interesting check in booth in the shape of a lighthouse. I must say it was very disappointing on arrival to have someone waving their arms going no no no when we went to park in their direction, some of us think it but you never say it out loud even if you were joking. We gave them a wide berth.


Not noticing the signage at the start of the track (the photo above is from the other end) we decided that we would walk the track. After quite a steep descent to the bottom of the falls we expected that there would be a bridge across the river that would take you over to the other side where you could complete a circuit and a short walk. So we carried on down the path through a large stand of Rimu trees and the path alternating from gravel to boardwalk. After a while we realised that the path was not going to cross to the other side and return but must continue onwards down to the Stone Store and town basin.


After about 30 minutes of walking we reached a bridge where the road runs over the river and with my knowledge of Kerikeri not being that good I figured that we where almost there until I noticed a sign stating 30 minutes walking to go.


It was at this point that we both realised that this was going to be quite a walk but we both agreed to continue.

Reaching the “historic” power station I cannot say that we where overawed as the building looked quite new. It was just the plant inside that looked old, but a moment of interest anyway.

Reaching the really historic Stone Store we discovered that they sold much needed water a great relief as we had set out without any. Built in the 1830’s it is the oldest stone structure standing in NZ and next door is Kemp House the oldest building in NZ. The gardens of Kemp House are just spectacular with beautiful roses and fantastic fruit trees that are just laden with fruit. I wonder how they stop people from helping themselves when they are ripe as the signage saying not to pick the fruit or climb the trees was very small.


It’s funny how sometimes walking one way gives you one view and the return journey gives you a completely different view. We had noticed the water lilies on walk to the Stone Store and I took a photo but where I took it from was not a great photo area and the photo did not come out that well. On the walk back a viewing area that I had missed was right there in front of me and I was able to take a much better shot. They really did look pretty.


After a very enjoyable walk and with my legs again starting to turn to jelly we made it back to the falls, both of us where a little concerned about the walk back up the hill but strangely it did not seem that steep and we made it back to the top without stopping. We both must be getting fitter!! Above the falls is the weir part of the old power station project, so  quick photo of that and then back to the camper van for a rest and recovery period.


Along the way we met a number of people with Sarah spending the last 15 minutes of the walk to the Stone Store talking to Marie a local who does part of this walk every day and another lady who does the whole walk every two days. It was really enjoyable and an easy walk highly recommended and with the trees offering plenty of shade I would imagine that it’s still a great walk even in the height of summer.
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2 thoughts on “There and back again

  1. Great to see photos of your trip to Kerikeri. You must definitely be getting fitter with all this walking – watch out for the knees though! Lovely scenery again: it looks like a most delightful walk.

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