The Fiat Recall


When we purchased our motorhome last year I was made aware of the warranty offered by Dethleffs who manufactured it. This covered both the inside and water ingress (water leaks) for a certain period of time. I was also told that the mechanical components of the vehicle are covered by the Fiat worldwide warranty.

Having worked in the motor industry for many years I just assumed that when I purchased the motorhome that our details would be passed onto Fiat and the warranty would be automatically registered. Turns out this is not the case, to have your motorhome registered with Fiat they require a copy of the registration papers so they have all of your correct details.


During our travels around the country we came across many other motorhome owners a lot of these driving a Fiat based vehicle. In fact I have be told that 85% of all motorhome sales in Europe are built on a Fiat chassis.

I don’t know how many people we spoke to during our 4 months in the South Island but it certainly was a lot. Not one of these people mentioned taking their motorhome into Fiat to have any recall issues sorted.

When we got back to Auckland I was reading the Facebook posts that I normally follow and saw a post about someone who had taken back their motorhome to have a recall sorted. Reading the post I realised that our motorhome could well be affected by the same recall.

A quick email on my part to the company that sold us our motorhome highlighted that there had been a breakdown in communication and our motorhome had not been registered with Fiat for the global warranty. Once we forwarded a copy of the registration papers to the seller this was quickly rectified.


An email from Fiat NZ to the seller notified them of recall issues which they then passed on to us. It turns out that there are three recalls on our Motorhome #6042 #6152 and #6172 all of which relate to the same area in the engine bay.

With this information to hand we called the Fiat dealer and booked the vehicle in for repairs. I have published this short post because I want the readers if they have a motorhome to be aware that their vehicle might be up for a recall regardless of the manufacturer.

Camshaft Fail

The recall shown above is not for our motorhome but for more recent ones. This highlights a potential camshaft failure. Unlike our motorhome recall which is in the scheme of things reasonably minor this recall if not done would lead to a catastrophic failure of your engine. Not something I would think that anyone wants.

So with all of this in mind I urge you to check your motorhome for a potential recall. Even if it’s not a Fiat you can check this website to see all vehicle recalls.


If you have any doubts about anything you should check with the company that sold you your motorhome and ensure that your worldwide warranty has been properly registered with the local manufacturer.

The series I am writing on camping in Auckland will continue with the next blog but I felt it was important to get this message out and urge you to check if you have any doubts.

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10 thoughts on “The Fiat Recall

  1. Just wanted to say many thanks for this article and also to Gary for his comments. Just found out that there’s a recall for the brake pipe fixings on my Dethleffs but wouldn’t have been aware of it if it wasn’t for you guys.

  2. Just recently discovered this myself and have made arrangements to have it fixed. BUT Fiat NZ is useless here as even though our Ducato was registered with them they have never advised of a recall. It seems now that owners are being asked to pay the full cost which the dealer now recovers via Fiat NZ and then Fiat Australia – only problem is that the reimbursement is usually several hundred dollars less than the actual cost – hence the reason the dealerships are forcing owners to pay for a recall. Crazy considering how potentially dangerous the EGR pipe issue is – it could be potentially fatal if the driver dosed off due to increased levels of carbon monoxide in the motorhome.

    1. Thanks for the comments George, I was unaware of people being asked to pay towards the cost of repairs. Interesting to me is that I am still waiting for it to be fixed. I took the motorhome into the dealer in Auckland 3 weeks after I booked it in for the repairs assuming that they would have ordered the parts. But OH NO they have to order them and will let me know when they arrive 6 weeks after that I am still waiting for them to contact me. Bloody Useless

  3. To find out if your Fust needs any recall work you can go to the Fiat site and enter your VIN number and it will bring up any recall work that is needed
    The go to the bottom right hand corner in the area headed Cassis Check and enter your VIN number

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