The Journey Continues

Since I started this blog in 2017 I have shared 197 posts and have had over 230 thousand people read at least one of these posts. obviously some people will have read more than one skewing the figures but it’s still something that I am immensely proud of. Sadly as those who have read my recent posts will know. I have had my health compromised with Lymphoma which has caused some serious dents in our ongoing travels.

Since we cannot travel at the moment I have decided to put this blog on hold while I hopefully sort out my health. However you cannot keep a good writer down, with this in mind I started another blog to cover my ongoing treatment as well as allowing updates of things as required. I realise that most people who are reading this blog will have little interest in reading this. But if you are keen to see what’s going on with me then check out the new blog.

Currently I am adding a post every week to 10 days so if you are interested you can sign up to receive an email link as you currently do on this site. As for when I will be back posting about our travels, well how long is a piece of string. the answer at the moment is sadly not known. But when we do start travelling again you will read about it here.

7 thoughts on “The Journey Continues

  1. All the best for the future, thanks for the very interesting posts you have made in the past. Great reading and valuable information which we have much appreciated.

  2. Have enjoyed a lot of your posts. These have given ideas and places to visit as well as learnings for each place. Good luck fo the future

  3. Thinking of you. In 3 months time we hope to start our journey following in your footsteps. Love your work and want to see you on the road both to recovery and on wheels. Love Pete onham

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