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This is world-famous travel writer Iva BN There coming to you from John Pedersen’s media conference. Where he discusses his travels around New Zealand and numerous published articles. I managed to get John to one side and ask him some of the questions that, I am sure, we all want answers too.

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Iva BN There: “Why did you call this living the dream.”

JP: Lots of us have been stuck at home all around the world, dealing with different forms of lockdown. Here in New Zealand, it’s been total with no travel of any kind allowed in the motorhome. Stuck in my bubble, my mind has wandered thinking about what might have been. I read the other day an article online about how many more people are having vivid dreams. This led me to an idea for a blog about “Living the Dream”.

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Iva BN There: “What made you choose our magazine?”

JP: It’s hard to say this is a dream, so things get a bit confused. But I searched around for something that fit what Sarah and I were all about and then ran with that. It probably helps that your magazine is also recognised around the world.


Iva BN There: “What sort of motorhome do you have, and have you named it?”

JP: We searched high and low when we looked to buy eventually settling on a Dethleffs Globetrotter. For the price, it seemed to be the one that ticked the most boxes. At this stage, we have resisted the temptation to name it. Having said that it does have our names by the habitation door.

Iva BN There: “Talking about habitation doors I see yours is on the wrong side'”

JP: No, it’s on the right-hand side. Same side as the driver and 30,000 km’s without an issue. I just don’t know what peoples problem is with this.

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Iva BN There: From the photos already published, it looks like you have been to some fantastic places.

JP: Absolutely New Zealand is just a fantastic place for motorhoming with so many places to find somewhere to hideaway. From mountain top to beach and almost everywhere in between you can find places to park up and enjoy the country.

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Iva BN There: “Tell me more about the beaches you have visited.”

JP: We did an article for World Travel magazine on the fantastic place featured in the photos above, but sadly we weren’t allowed to tell anyone where it was. So this caused some controversy and very few sales of the magazine.



Iva BN There: “Talking about sand, I know your motorhome is front-wheel drive have you ever been stuck?”

JP: We have had some fun and games a couple of times but only been truly stuck twice. One of those times front or rear-wheel drive would have made no difference. The whole front v’s rear-drive thing is just that, a thing to talk about nothing else.

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Iva BN There: “I understand you also spent a night on a mountain?”

JP: Yes we went on a Safari with good friends Dave and Nita and 10 other couples all around Taranaki. We had a wonderful time visiting all the gardens that were open for the Rhododendron Festival. We also spent a peaceful night in the carpark of the mountain. Just an incredible trip much enjoyed by us all.


Iva BN There: “You seem to have featured quite heavily in the press.”

JP: Yes, we were particularly happy with the sunrise photo that appeared on the front page of the paper. I have always been an early riser, but this was just something special, and the coffee just had to wait!

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Iva BN There: “I understand you have had some health issues how are you coping with that?”

JP: Yes it’s true we probably wouldn’t be travelling too much at present as I am currently going through chemo. I just had the 3rd round last week with another to be done mid next month and then a CT scan to check progress.

As you can see from the above, I have had far too much time on my hands. I did, however, have a great deal of fun putting this together hope you enjoyed the light-hearted read. Once we can all get back travelling again, I look forward to resuming the blog along more traditional lines.

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  1. How exciting to be in print, hope cool is that! Best wishes to you both and hoping your treatment is going well. Soon, we hope, we will all be able to get out exploring again.

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