The Perfect Pitstop – Wenderholm

We had left Puriri Bay after a relaxing 7 days to return to Auckland with a visit planned to Zion Motorhomes in Pokeno for some work on the motorhome. On the way, we made a brief detour from SH1 to Whangarei Ports. To visit our friend Brian who is busy getting his “dingy” ready for the summer.


I have already written one blog about this massive undertaking earlier this year. And we have stopped in a couple of times since then so that I can get more photos. Ready to publish the final part of the blog when the boat goes in the water. I must say that each time I see this “dingy” the sheer size of the project just blows me away.

We didn’t feel like driving through Auckland’s busy traffic in the late afternoon so planned to stay somewhere north of Auckland. We have been to Wenderholm a couple of times before and at $16 for a CSC vehicle it wasn’t going to break the bank. The CSC area is in the main carpark, which was almost empty on this day. We even managed to sneak back into the same spot as last time. Large enough that we fit in comfortably.


We watched with some amusement three lads setting up the tent on top of the Toyota Estima. Although we didn’t talk to them, it appeared that they had only just arrived in the country and picked up the van. They had suitcases, rucksacks and stuff spread everywhere as they sorted things out and tried to figure out how it all went together. It seemed to take them hours to get it sorted. Quite how three people sleeping in this conform to CSC requirements is a bit of a mystery. I am, however, sure they will have a great holiday in NZ.

Interesting to me was that other than us there were only another 3 vehicles there. 2 smaller rental vans and the Estima. I would have thought the place would be more popular, being so close to Auckland.

Last time we visited, summer was in full swing, and the beach was crowded. This time as you can see in the photos somewhat empty. Allowing us to wander the beach in solitude. One thing we found a little disturbing was how the oysters on the rocks have been pillaged. Literally every single oyster no matter how small had been opened including some smaller than my fingernails.  I can only presume that the same would apply to the shellfish beds that are exposed at low tide.

With the evening drawing to close and before the sun went down. It was time for another stroll around. We discovered this “Glamping” tent set back from the main carpark. While it had great views of the sunset, there weren’t too many of the water. The same problem exists here as at the main campsite you aren’t really at the beach. Still could be an exciting place to spend the night if you are prepared to pay the $180 for the night. (December rates for 2 people). I think our $16 in our motorhome is a much better value.

We thought we had seen some magnificent sunsets while we were at Puriri Bay but the sky caught fire here that night. What an amazing display! Each time I felt it could not get any better, I looked up again for another WOW moment.

The following morning it was out for another stretch of the legs before the prospect of being stuck in the Auckland traffic. We made a quick visit to the dump station at Hatfields Beach and then into Orewa for our weekly shop. Parking in Orewa proved somewhat problematic with nowhere for any motorhome let alone one almost 9-metre’s long too park. Just as we were about to give up, we found a double spot on the road. It would be really nice if some of these beachside towns made space available for larger vehicles. Especially when you consider that we are looking to spend money there. I know there is parking at the Surf Club but that’s a bit far to carry a weeks worth of groceries.

As I said at the start of this blog, we have been to Wenderholm before, but will without a doubt visit again. Just the perfect place for a pitstop close to Auckland.

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