Dethleffs Dancing and Dinner

Sarah and I have never really been the joining sort but when I retired I was determined to become more involved in things and participate more, so when Jonas and the team extended the invitation to attend the annual Dethleffs owners gathering I accepted. Although it was labour weekend, and who want’s to drive through that sort of traffic was one of my concerns. Friday morning rolled around and we where on the way to Karapiro and the annual dinner.


Getting out of Auckland was much easier than expected with little traffic on the road and no delays. Important lesson learned though, don’t rely on Google Maps as we turned up at the Dam road to discover that we where too long too heavy and too wide so a short detour back through Cambridge to come in the back way and into this beautiful camp. Seeing all the boating activity with rowers, water skiers and even swimmers was very relaxing.


Although my knee was still giving me major aggravation from the burstis we went for a short walk and came across this group of people making the most of the great weather at the rope walks. You could not pay me enough to do this!! Friday night was a quiet night with little traffic noise and other than the knee pain a great nights sleep.

We woke on Saturday morning to another glorious day and noticed a number of the other Dethleff owners jumping on their bikes both electric and normal and going for a bike ride along the bike path into town. All this sort of activity makes Sarah and I all the more determined to get a couple of bikes and join this growing group of motorhomers.


During the day we where planning the next possible destination in the van and had a few people come and check out our XLi, it’s such a pleasure to be able to show off this fantastic camper.

6pm rolled around and it was time to get dressed as either a cowboy or indian and join the dinner party. Neither Sarah or I dressed up beyond a token gesture, but there where some fantastic costumes there with some people having gone to a great deal of effort. prizes where to be awarded to the best dressed couple.


Couple where chosen from each table, with Peter (with the poncho) and Tracey (brown indian dress) representing ours and by a process of elimination the finalists where found and they won a magnificent TV prize for their camper, sadly it was not Peter and Tracey.


Dinner was served courtesy of the Spit Roast Company washed down with a couple of drinks. We met some really great people at our table with Joan and Lindsay sitting to the left of Sarah but as always with a large table like this it’s impossible to carry out a meaningful conversation with the people on the other side of the table, but great to have met you all.


Somehow the photos of Sarah, Joan and Tracey dancing failed to save in the camera, but I am sure you get the general idea. Dancing continued till around 10pm when people started to retire to their vans to watch the All Blacks loose to Australia (makes me glad I no longer have sky)

I want to thank Jonas, Irene, Chris, Diane and Martin for putting on a fantastic event and we look forward to attending again next year (assuming we are invited) I must make a special mention of Martin who did a great job being the MC. With over 50 Dethleff vans there it was great to be a part of things, and what wonderful people your customers are.

Thanks again Jonas!!




  1. So pleased to hear about the Dehtleffs do. It sounds like a really wonderful event But very sorry to hear that your knee is still giving you trouble. Will probably take another fortnight to settle down, I fear.

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