Catching Up.

One of the drawbacks from all the time we have spent off the road is how little we have seen of people we have got to know over the last few years. So with my treatment for lymphoma now well and truly behind us it was time to hit the road for some new adventures. We had no real plans other than we were heading south, maybe eventually ending up in and around Napier to catch up with a good friend. A couple of days before we had planned to depart I took a phone call from a friend of ours from Northland who was heading south. Together we arranged to catch up for our first night back on the road.

We had agreed to meet at the Horahora Domain before becoming one of the last people to stay at AJ’s a very popular park over property that is closing at the end of this month. (March 2021). As we pulled into the parking area at the Domain we saw not one but two motorhomes belonging to people we know. Our friend John, who we had arranged to meet as well as his next door neighbours Robin and Jackie, they live in the same village in Kerikeri. Just shows you what a small world it is. Robin and Jackie had been touring the North Island for the last eight weeks and had stopped at the domain on one of their final nights before returning home. So quite the coincidence.

In the end we decided against staying at AJ’s with all three of us spending the night at the Horahora Domain. There is a capacity for 30 motorhomes there and while it wasn’t completely full there were still plenty of motorhomes. In fact at one point it appeared we had parked at Grand Central with the number of vehicles coming and going. My apologies to John who I managed to exclude from the first picture with the exception of his sexy legs🤣🤣🤣. You can scroll between the two photos to see him in the second one.

This trip is also something of a trial for us. People who have followed this blog may remember that for a little while we travelled with our ancient cat Blobby. Once he passed away I was reluctant to have another pet as this would impede the places where we could stay. Fate, however, had other ideas with another cat deciding to adopt us. Given the size of the creature naming it was simple. It’s affectionately known as “Fat Cat” which describes it well. So rather than leave it at home with our son to look after it we decided to bring Fat Cat with us. For a great adventure, although I am not quite sure for who😀.

The initial few minutes when we started the motorhome and set off where rather spoiled by vocal protests from the cat. But, thankfully she quickly settled down and seemed to rather enjoy the journey after a while. Once we arrived at Horahora, Sarah let her out and she promptly hid under the motorhome for three or four hours. Once we had recovered her from her hiding spot she spent the night hiding away at the front of the van. Thankfully she was quiet for the night and actually seems to be adapting well to both travelling and spending time in the motorhome. This will give us confidence to take her on future adventures.

During the Covid Lockdown in 2021 I spent some time writing my first novel. A fantasy adventure that I have self published so if you like my writing style you may be interested in my looking at the book which is available on both Kindle and Kobo.

Of course not everyone is into motorhomes and with the mighty Waikato River as their playground we came across this couple that had hand built the magnificent boat in the photo above. It certainly looked like they were having fun blasting up and down the river.

After a peaceful night at the Domain it was time for each of us to move on. This trip we have determined that we will not hurry and will take the time to enjoy each spot. Wherever we end up it feels good to be back travelling in the motorhome. Wherever we do end up I will want to have cellphone coverage on Thursday, so I can check into the virtual NZMCA AGM and see if I have been successful as a candidate to join the board.

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7 thoughts on “Catching Up.

  1. So pleased that you are now feeling well enough to get out and about in your van again. It’s great that you have a traveling cat again, but have you considered keeping her on a harness and lead so she doesn’t run free?

    1. Many thanks, Jenny. She was wearing a harness complete with a name tag, but somehow she managed to slip out of these and disappear into the blackberries. We have now tightened the harness but she is banished inside at the moment looking outside the net door.

      1. Hi John, I enjoy reading about your travels. Better keep an eye on “Fat Cat” though or you may have to repair that net door again.

  2. I love reading your stories John & Sarah and pleased you are able to travel again
    Enjoy your time and hope Fat Cat takes to her new adventures

  3. Great to A) see you both out and about enjoying what you do. B) Great to see you go the book completed, am going to have to work out how to get it, as changing my account from .au to .com causes me no end of grief. C) Cat has adopted you happens all the time here, doesn’t matter weather we have 2 cats or 3 there is ALWAYS a stray that also lives here. My wife has been adopted by almost as many strays as she has had her own cats

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